Top Instagram Spots in Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is one of the more prettier cities that I’ve visited in Europe – this is largely due it being unaffected by WWII bombings and such. I scope out some of my favourite photography spots in this post.

Old Town Square

The Old Town Square is surrounded by probably the nicest buildings in Old Town. Best visited at sunrise. Any other times, this famous square is much too crowded.

A heads up: a lot of these locations require sunrise visits if you truly want to snap that covetable people-less shots for the ‘gram.

Astronomical Clock

To some it’s a medieval device used for astronomy back in the days, to me it’s a steampunk clock that screams cool. This is most definitely a sunrise visit – good luck trying to get a photo in at any other times of the day.

Old Town

This might be semi-cheating since the first two suggesting are within Old Town… Honestly though, every twist and turn on the cobblestoned paths of Old Town is a photo opportunity. Again, exploring during sunrise would be best.

Charles Bridge

At – you guessed it right – sunrise. Charles Bridge is beautiful regardless crowded with tourists or not, but it’s a lot more peaceful at dawn. Alternatively, if you choose to focus on Prague city in the background instead of the actual bridge, you can sort of section of small part of the bridge for this.

Top of Towers

Go to the top of any towers within the Old Town to catch a breathtaking view of Prague from above. I went to the Klementinum library for this, but there are many other towers for this, including the Old Town Hall Tower and Charles Bridge Towers.

This is also, finally, a venue you can go pretty much at anytime but sunrise. Well, dependent on their opening hours of course.

Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace

The Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace was EMPTY save for one other person, who left as soon as I arrived. I visited in the middle of the day, where tourist numbers are at its peak in Prague.

The Grand Ballroom is a gorgeous, Baroque-style room… unfortunately for my visit that was the extend of the attractiveness of the palace for me. Still, I thought the Grand Ballroom itself was worth the entrance fee. I couldn’t get a decent photo of myself in the Grand Ballroom because you can’t use a tripod in there – preserved, heritage room rule thingy – so I could only attempt a weak selfie.

John Lennon Wall

The John Lennon Wall is a stretch of colourful graffiti right off Charles Bridge. While I’m not the biggest fan of (mindless) graffiti, the wall did provide for a nice little dash of contrasts flavour against the rest of my Prague snaps.

The wall gets crowded in the daytime as well, but I wouldn’t say it’s impossible to get a photo in – like the rest of the sunrise spots on this list. It’s a long stretch of wall and people are civil, if you wait just long enough, there will be space. I got my photo at sunrise just after my visit to Charles Bridge though.

Mala Strana

Mala Strana is the neighbourhood between Charles Bridge and Prague Castle. Like in Old Town, Mala Strana buildings retain a lot of gorgeous Baroque exteriors, but with a bit more refinement.

My favourite part is the more narrow street right off Charles Bridge. I was here sunrise again – any other time, the street is busy with vehicles and pedestrians.

If you’re lucky you can visit Wallenstein Palace – it was closed when I went.

Prague Castle

Prague Castle is more a complex of buildings than just a single castle. For the most part of the complex, the buildings look rather… normal, but there are points of The intricate exterior of St Vitus Cathedral make a compelling background. Though I didn’t get to do this, Golden Lane potentially has good photo opportunities.

The Staircase by Prague Castle

Near the famous Starbucks that offers nice views, I much preferred the staircase leading to Prague Castle. I was here around 8-9am, Starbucks was not even open yet, and it was near empty.

Vysehrad Park

Vysehrad is a former fort in Prague that offers panoramic views of the city. Other than Vysehrad, Petrin Hill and Letná also offers panoramic views of Prague city in a park setting. Besides the view, the park houses the lovely Basilica of St Peter and St Paul church, with very Instagrammable doors. I only mention its doors because I didn’t enter the church… which required entrance fees. The church is attached to a cemetery that is equally beautiful.


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