Travel Beauty Hack: Lash Extensions

Why I love having eyelash extensions on for when I travel.

I hate mascara. I have very straight, stubborn eyelashes, that no mascara has been able to keep them up for long… unless they’re the hardy, clumpy, waterproof mascara variety. And even then, they irritate my eyes. On top of that, they’re so hard to remove. I much prefer going mascara-less, than having to go through 8 hours everyday of wonky lashes.

That said, I love how instantly the eyes perk up after a good lashing of mascara goop. I also love how complete any makeup look becomes once you put on mascara. So one day I sucked it up, booked an appointment with a lash stylist, and have been living my best lash life ever!


All the reasons why you put mascara on the eyelashes, but better, and with minimal effort.

You look “done”.  In the photo above, notice that I’m wearing ZERO makeup.

You literally woke up like this.

You cut down on the time to get ready in the mornings.

You don’t have to pack mascara and lash curler.

If you do want to pop some eye colour on the lids, this will make the look come alive.

If it’s a waterproof makeup hack that you need, you don’t look further than eyelash extensions. It can survive sweat – Vinyasa Yoga sessions for days – and seawater.


Costly: Depending on how many lashes you pick and the style, lash extensions hover about the $80 to $150 range. That is expensive, considering the lifespan of the lashes. Even with the most proper care, the longest your lashes will last is 3 to 4 weeks. The false lashes are attached to your real lashes, which means as your real lashes shed – and they will, science and biology – so will the lash extensions. Which is why I only do it when I’m travelling and I know I want to look ready without packing much makeup.

High-Maintenance: Although this is the ultimate lazy girl hack, it is by no means for the sloppy girl. It is pretty high maintenance. You can’t rub your eyes, you can’t use oil cleansers (which are my fave sobs), you have to gently clean and comb it regularly, and you have to minimise eye makeup use so that it will last longer.

How to Choose A Lash Stylist:

This should be the number one priority when it comes to getting lash extensions. Since a lash stylist would be working ultra close to your eyes, I’m going to be very unhelpful and recommend… that you go purely by recommendations. Or research exhaustively.

I know of so many friends who’s had lash extensions done and it would hurt so much while application, AND after the lashes are applied because the glue is too close to the skin/eye. Get an allergy test at the salon if it’s your first time.

I tend to gravitate towards Japanese lash salons, which can be more expensive than regular ones but they are so gentle and the lash application process is painless. The finish also tends to be more natural than full-on glam, which I like.

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