Minimalist Summer Travel Beauty Kit 

My go-to minimalist makeup kit for a tropical beach getaway. SUMMMEEERRRR. Or as we call it in Singapore/Southeast Asia, ALLL YEEARRR ROooUuuunnnNNDddd. I tend to pack super light and minimalistic for beach holidays. It’s always just too humid to have anything on the skin. And also too chill to want to wash anything thick off the skin. For the most part, I’m makeup-less, but some days I just want to look a little bit lit-from-within. *whispers* and some days I want to wear secret makeup to the beach. These are my absolute makeup essentials for a tropical paradise retreat – and they all fit in a makeup bag!


The only face base I would use is concealer. Anything else will just melt away and leave me mad uncomfortable. Also the heat and humidity is guaranteed to make me sweat, and it’s just not glamourous to be wiping off foundation from the skin. I have a lot of concealers, but the one I tend to gravitate to when on vacation is the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Concealer. It’s a light to medium coverage concealer that will blend seamlessly into skin with no foundation. I would avoid anything high coverage which will look very visible against foundation-less skin. This OG concealer from MAC is the perfect skin colour and tone for me, making it even more invisible.

All-in-One Palette

A good highlighter, all over bronzer and a blush is the secret to a sunkissed glow to the skin. My weapon of choice is the Becca x Chrissy Teigen Palette. This is my favourite palette of all time, consisting of two gorgeous highlighters, a bronzer and a blush. First of all, this palette has an insanely huge mirror which is always a plus when you’re on vacation. And your room does not have a strategically-placed mirror. Becca highlighters are my absolute favourites, and this palette has two – Rose Gold and Beach Nectar. Unlike the typical Becca compact, this one comes in a much sturdier and great for travel case. My Champagne Pop has RIP-ed many, many, several heartbreaking times during travel. The blush is this pretty, bright pink that I apply with the lightest hand for a flush of colour. I could also double up the bronzer as eye contour and rose gold as an all over lid colour.

Lash Extensions/Waterproof Mascara

I don’t like mascara. On my stick straight stubborn lashes, most mascaras would droop them down within 30 minutes. And I’m always too lazy to remove them. What I do love though, are lash extensions. Technically they’re not in my actual makeup kit… but ever since I’ve had them on my past two trips abroad, I think they’re going to be a travel staple of mine. They complete the face without doing anything! Love. In case you’re wondering: yes, your lashes will still look perfect even after some saltwater treatment.

Lip Tint

Lip tints that can double up as a cheek tint is your best friend out there. I’m loving the Peripera Ink Velvet Lip Tint currently, which I recently hauled from my trip to South Korea. These tints come in such a cute range of shades and is a lot less drying than a lot of tints out there. They don’t advertise it as such but you can use this as a cheek tint too. I find this more forgiving and a lot easier to blend into the cheeks that most others. Before the Peripera tints, I’ve used the Becca Beach Tints to the same effect. Peripera is a cheaper option to Becca. The lip tints will stay on your lips and cheeks through sweat, humidity and seawater.

Brow Pen/Tint

I’ve been using the Clio Brow Tattoo Pen for a long while now. It’s also a K-beauty brand, but I discovered this some years ago when Clio was a client of the PR company I was in before. This is my go-to eyebrow product of all time. OF ALL TIME. I love it. It stains the skin, hence the “tattoo” in the name. This is applied at night before bed and the stain works its magic overnight. It removes completely with oil cleanser though. You can also apply it in the morning (which is what I do because I like a clean face when I sleep) and it’ll give the same definition, though it can fade. This brow pen gives my brows just enough natural definition and stays on all day – through sweat and saltwater. Secret: I’ve used this on dive trips and found that my brows are intact after a full day of being underwater.


The only two brushes I need is a blush brush – that can apply bronzer, blush, and highlighter. I apply highlighter first, brush off the excess, and go back in with bronzer and blush. It’s perfectly OK. There won’t be enough product left on the brush to really muddy up anything. The other brush I need is an eye contour brush to sweep the bronzer through my socket or to blend out an all-over colour on my lids. Everything else? Fingers.
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