8 Reasons Why You Will Love Jordan

Although I was only in Jordan for three short days, I was surprised at how much this Middle Eastern country has to offer. Here are eight quick reasons why you should visit Jordan.

  1. Explore Petra

Petra is a UNESCO site and one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Little wonder (ehh? Heh.) that it is probably Jordan’s number one tourist hotspot.

The Rose City has been on my bucket list, and it still blows my mind that I was able to out on my Indiana Jones boots on so soon. Read all about it here, along with tips for tackling a one-day visit to Petra.

  1. Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum is a natural wonder of Jordan. This moon-like landscape played movie-set to some of the biggest Hollywood films. At this Jordanian landmark, I experienced the eerie calm of the quiet desert, went on a fun Jeep ride, went camel-spotting, learned to do a Bedouin dance, and climbed a sand dune. Read all about my fun Wadi Rum experience here.

  1. Stay in a Bedouin Campsite

I stayed in a Bedouin campsite located near Petra, and it was one of the most unique experiences I’ve had. My stay added a new level of experience to my trip. You can also stay in a campsite at Wadi Rum. I imagine it to be even more spectacular, especially with the otherworldly quiet of the desert. Read about my stay in a Bedouin Campsite, and what you can expect in one here.

  1. The Roman Ruins of Jerrash

I visited as part of my tour to Petra, and prior to this trip this city was not on my radar at all. The ancient city of Jerrash in Amman was our first stop in Jordan. This unique city is one of the most well-preserved ruins of a Roman city outside of Italy.

Being in this city transported me back to thousands of years of history as we walked through the the Roman cardo, hippodrome, the oval forum, and temples to Zeus and Artemis.

  1. Eat Amazing Jordanian Food

Granted – the bulk of the food I had in Jordan were provided for by the tour I was on, but I was nonetheless impressed by how good the food was.

Somewhat the national dish of Jordan, Mansaf is typically served in a huge tray-like platter with tender lamb, spiced yellow rice and a unique watery yoghurt sauce. We had ours deconstructed buffet-style… but still, taste was there.

Being in the Middle East, Jordan has its fair share of delicious hummus and falafels. I also got very used to having freshly made pitas for breakfast, with a side of fresh Arabic salad.

A surprise food that I enjoyed was the Kanafeh dessert. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, but I was very taken to this dessert. I’ve never quite had anything like it; it was made out of cheese, pistachio nuts and drizzled over with sweet rose-infused honey syrup.

  1. Float in the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea also borders Jordan. Though I didn’t do it on the Jordanian side, I had a fun time floating in the Dead Sea on the Israel side. While you’re there, make sure to indulge in the very messy but therapeutic mud treatment as well.

  1. Diving in Aqaba

Disclaimer: I did not do any diving. In fact, I didn’t realize that you can do any sort of diving in Jordan at all until mid-trip, but you absolutely can! And according to this postcard I picked up at one of our stops, the diving is spectacular.

Though most of the country is landlocked, the southernmost tip of the country in the town of Aqaba opens up to the Red Sea. The Red Sea holds some of the most remarkable coral reefs, with plenty of dive sites located within the Aqaba Marine Park.

One of my dive guides had told me that his best dive experience was diving the Red Sea. Since then, diving the Red Sea became one of my dive bucket list destinations.

  1. Jolly Jordanians

Outside of its historical and natural wonders, Jordan has one of the most hospitable and friendly citizens. There is a very strong sense of community within the Jordanian culture. Due to this, Jordanians extend a familial sense to anyone they meet. One of my favourite parts of the trip was our Jordanian tour guide telling us about his life in this country, especially his recent wedding – let’s just say Jordanian weddings are wild fun.

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