Beauty Review: Fenty Beauty Match Stix are your New Travel Favourites

By now, you’d probably seen all the Fenty Beauty reviews there could ever be. And I am MAD, because why did no one ever tell me that Fenty Beauty has created possibly the best makeup for travel.

Specifically, the Fenty Beauty Match Stix Skinsticks.

I purchased the Fenty Beauty Match Stix Trio set in shade Tan 300. These were of better value that purchasing the sticks separately. MUCH better value. You can order a custom Trio set via the Fenty Beauty website, which I would have much preferred. Unfortunately, they do not ship to Singapore. Thanks. Fenty Beauty is only available in Sephora in Singapore.

My Skin

Skin Type: Combination – Oily on T-Zone, Dry on Cheeks and Chin.

Main Concerns: Uneven skintone, acne scarring, dark under eye circles.

Skintone: Tan warm, MAC NC 42.

Fenty Beauty Match Stix Matte Skinstick – Caramel

Caramel was supposed to be the “concealer” shade… But it was bloody useless on me as that. It did nothing to cover my dark circles. As a FOUNDATION however, it works amazing. It could be a little warmer – just a little bit more yellow – otherwise I could make it work since it’s not a heavy layer.

The skinsticks are very easy to apply, and it dries down slightly to a more powdery finish. It has coconut oil in it, which gives it that emollient slip. This wears off beautifully on the skin throughout the day. It doesn’t look as oily as you’d expect. It will still retain that emollient quality, so if I crease a little at my smile lines especially, I just run my fingers over again and it blends out to my skin nicely.

On that note – I won’t go so far as recommending this for everyone to be used as foundation, as coconut oil can be comedogenic for some. Practice caution.

Do I need to set it? Depends on how my skin is feeling. On extra-moisturised days, I do need to powder the apples of my cheeks, where I have large pores, my nose and forehead.

Fenty Beauty Match Stix Matte Skinstick – Truffle

The contour shade was my first foray into cream contouring. The shade Truffle is not cool-toned, and I find it a lot more forgiving on the skin for beginner sculptors as myself. The formula blends out effortlessly too.

Fenty Beauty Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick – Rum

Rum is a gorgeous bronze highlight, that gives the most subtle sheen on my skin. I was most attracted to this colour initially within the set. Definitely more of a bronzer than a highlight for me – it looked amazing on top of Truffle. I like a more popping highlight, so I’ll always go over Rum with a powder highlight.

These sticks are multi-purpose. I love running Rum through my eye sockets for a natural, wet lid look, though I’m careful to not pop it in the inner parts of my lids. This stuff will crease since it has coconut oil in it.

I love using Rum to highlight my cupid’s bow. I don’t like using straight up highlighter there, it’s just too visible. Rum gives it a more natural pop.

Fenty Beauty Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick – Ridiic

I was so impressed with these Match Stix Trio set that I got the shade ‘Ridiic’ to use as a blush.

It’s this fabulous coral-orange shade that looks kind of crazy in the tube, but blends out to a pretty, sheer coral on the skin. It gives me just the perfect flush of colour.

There are gold shimmer particles in it, so if you’re impartial to it, might not be your thing. It’s not too much though, and when blended out properly, you can’t see the shimmer unless you’re really UP IN MY FACE. l

It is also so much fun to say. Riddiiiiiiiicccc.

I use it on the lips as well, though I do need to top it with a gloss. Otherwise the pigment particles will settle into the fine lines in the lips. Cracky mess – not cute.

The Full Face

With just these four items, I can have a complete, polished look.

My full face with just the Fenty Beauty Match Stix Skinsticks – Caramel on the Skin; Truffle as Contour; Rum as Bronzer on high points of face, on eyelids, on cupid’s bow; Ridiiic as Blush and Lip Colour. Other extras would be concealer, brows, and lip gloss.

For this look, my travel kit would consist of less than 10 items.

The four Match Stix, concealer, brow pen, lip gloss, pressed powder.

The Match Stix were just an effortless product for me. I’m so annoyed that I didn’t discover these Skinsticks sooner. They’re also magnetized, so they stick together. The hexagonal honeycomb patterning just clicking together… it soothes my soul so much.


Have you used the Fenty Beauty Match Stix?

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