What to see in Vegas Strip Hotels

This post comes at my annoyance while exploring the Vegas strip hotels. Often times, I would find myself wandering into the hotels and end up getting lost trying to figure what exactly is the attraction.

Not-so-fun-fact: These Vegas strip hotels have signs leading you to the casinos and all the shops and their mothers… but not the exit. In this post, I tell you EXACTLY what to look out for, so you don’t waste time roaming about the casino floors.

I kid you not, this is literally every hotel on the strip:

And perhaps, also figure out how much time you want to set aside for checking out the Vegas strip hotels. You can cover the entire Vegas strip hotels in half a day, in my opinion. Most of the time would be spent actually navigating your way within the hotels that actually seeing the attraction itself.

Purely personal opinion… I was unimpressed with Vegas hotels in general – but then again, I come from Singapore, land of marvelous malls and man-made attractions. I did have a bit of fun on the Vegas strip, mostly thanks to food, bright lights and lots of crazy people on the streets.

Of course, the many acclaimed shows are housed within hotels as well, but this list only specifies attractions that you can see (mostly) for free. I’ve tried to list them as a route going from North to South of the strip for your planning purposes.

The Wynn / Encore The Wynn

The Wynn is located on the North end of the Strip. Not that it’s an attraction… but you can see the Trump Hotel from here. The Wynn has rather… inspired, versions of Bellagio attractions. Namely the really cute musical fountain up front, and floral exhibitions within. For the latter, I enjoyed Wynn’s version a lot more. This is adorable:

I liked walking the interior of The Wynn the most. Perhaps I’m biased since I stayed at The Wynn for the second half of my trip… but it felt like coming home to a sanctuary whenever I walk in.

It’s a lot calmer. Since it’s located on the South most end of the Strip, it is not crowded with people using the hotel as linkways, as with other hotels. The shops here are also the higher-end variety, so you don’t get as much shoppers as the other hotels either.

Do not miss Jeff Koons’ Popeye art installation here – it’s reportedly worth a colossal $20++ million dollars.

The Venetian/Palazzo

Follow the canals until you come to the square. Admire the singing gondoliers and how realistic the cloudy ceiling looks, and then you’re done here.

Treasure Island

Look at the Pirate’s of the Caribbean-inspired pirate ship out front. It used to animate, but not anymore.

The Mirage

There’s a dolphin enclosure within, which I’m against anyway, so there wasn’t much here for me. Also to note, you need to pay to visit the dolphin enclosure.

The Mirage has a volcano show as well, that I never got the chance to see. It shows less frequently now to save costs.

The Linq

I stayed at The Linq for the first half of my trip – which turned out to be such a good decision. It is located right at the The Linq Promenade, which is a lane of shops and restaurants that lead towards the High Roller. Very fun street to walk on, and plenty of photo opportunities. Do not miss checking out the adorable cupcake ATM at Sprinkles.

Within The Linq hotel itself, I would say check out Hash House a Go Go, a 24-hour restaurant with the classic American diner feel. Guy Fieri’s restaurant is also located here, I never got round to trying it, but I heard the Mac and Cheese burger is excessively phenomenal.

Caesar’s Palace

Marble fountains. That’s it. I spent the longest time in this shopping mall because I couldn’t find my way out of this mammoth hotel. I had to ask for directions about three times before I finally got to sunshine. Basically two ways out: back where you came in, or the long winding road through the casino and out the hotel lobby. Yeesh.


This hotel is all about the musical fountain and the Bellagio Conservatory. The musical fountain is the massive one right outside the Bellagio. It runs every 30 minutes on weekdays, and every 15 minutes on weekends.

The Bellagio Conservatory are themed floral exhibitions that change very often. While I was there, the theme was Chinese New Year of the Dog. Unfortunately, I would say. Although I admit the floral construction is impressive, this is too cheesy:

Stuff of nightmares. Just… No.

Paris Las Vegas

Located right opposite the Bellagio is Paris. Obviously the Eiffel Tower right outside the hotel! I recommend walking at night when it gets lit up. I don’t think there’s anything worth seeing inside.


The Chandelier Bar that is located right in the middle of the hotel.

The Aria 

You’ll find the CityCenter Art Collection, a series of public art displays. I’m not an artsy person, but I enjoyed walking past the works.

New York-New York

Hershey’s Chocolate World! The Hershey shop was exciting. There were no samples given out while I was there though. Boo. Still such a fun shop to walk around and score some edible souvenirs. There’s a roller coaster indoors if you’re up for it, but it has zero appeal for me.

Other Hotels that you can check out, though I never got the chance to:

  1. The Flamingo

For some strange unfathomable reason, I never made it inside the hotel. Despite how close-by I was to The Flamingo, not to say how many times I passed this hotel. Might have something to do with the… unsavoury exterior. The Flamingo itself is famously Vegas, as one of the first hotels to set up shop on the Strip. Infamous I would say; the Flamingo was opened by mobster Bugsy Siegel.

There’s a Flamingo Habitat that’s one of Vegas’ main attractions – and it’s free! I would have loved to check out some of these famous flamingoes. Strangely enough, no one’s ever mentioned to me that there are flamingoes there to me while I was seeking recommendations.

  1. Circus Circus

This hotel is located a little North off the strip. You can walk there but an easier option is to take the Deuce/SDX bus which stops directly in front of this hotel. You can watch circus performers here for free at certain times of the day.

  1. Stratosphere

Also located off the strip, the Stratosphere is the tallest building in Las Vegas. You can have a nice panoramic view of Vegas from up here.

  1. Mandalay Bay

The shark reef aquarium, while not free at $25 per entry ticket, might be a fun way to spend your day. I never made it here because I wasn’t interested in aquariums. Also Singapore has a damn good aquarium that I’m proud of.

  1. Luxor

Located close to Mandalay Bay, I never made it to this one either. We did drive past this at night, and I thought that was good enough for me. At night, it emits a powerful beam of light into the sky that astronauts have said can be seen from space. If I’ve the chance back to Vegas, I might consider staying here. Shaped like a pyramid, the Luxor is an architectural wonder.


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