Planning a visit to Chatuchak? Go to JJ Green Instead

Five reasons to love JJ Green night market in Bangkok, Thailand.

  1. The Shopping is Better

I’ve grown tiresome of shopping in Bangkok over the past few years. The items are just not exciting anymore, and prices have risen significantly. They’re also not exactly the best of quality.

Until I visited JJ Green. JJ Green is, to me, what Chatuchak was 10 years ago, except a tad better.

Even though JJ Green is marketed as a vintage night market, it has a good eclectic mix of trend-following (yes, I meant trendy but trendy is not a trendy word to use. Have you ever sincerely complimented someone by telling them they look trendy? No. The answer is no. Don’t ever compliment someone by telling them they look trendy.) clothing and accessories. I went a little nuts purchasing cheap mini earstuds and leather belts.

Not only are the stuff here reasonably-priced, aka cheap AF, you can still bargain. I forgot how to bargain in Bangkok city and one of the shopkeepers gave me an instant discount. FYI, what I purchased was cheap to begin with.

Do I dare declare JJ Green the best shopping experience in 2017? I might. Shopaholics, JJ Green is where it’s at. You’re very welcome.

  1. The Food Options Are Mind-Boggling

There’s a HUGE variety of food options here. From your standard street food selection, small restaurant-style cafes, to your hipster-esque offerings. Think fries doused in lots of cheese, alongside your Mama salad noodles and meat skewers.

I didn’t have a sit-down meal at all, because I was hopping stall to stall with snacks. My favourite meal was this deep-fried chicken skin snack tossed in Tomyam spice that they then load in a cone. Mmm.

  1. Chill Out at the Many Bars

When you’re done exploring, head up to the many bars to rest. I was at 5% Ale, solely attracted because of the amazing live acoustic duo. The aerial view of JJ Green was nice, staff here was friendly and drinks were cheap. But again, the live music is the main attraction.

  1. The ~Vibes~ Here are Just Cooler

If Chatuchak is the OG mother of all markets in Bangkok, JJ Green is her rebellious eldest kid who’s secretly interested in the family business but wants to strike out on her own. And she worked hard to prove her mettle and uses a lot of vsco filters on her instagram.

I noticed a higher concentration of Thais here, especially the local youths, compared to at Chatuchak.

  1. It’s Literally Cooler.

As in, the heat won’t kill ya. Although it’s a crowded place, I find there’s more breathing space here compared to at Chatuchak. It also helps that you don’t have to deal with the intense heat of the Bangkok sun.

If it’s your first time to Bangkok or if you’ve never been to Chatuchak, it’s worth a visit just to experience the unique chaos that is the outdoors market. I suggest going later in the day, and then continuing your experience at JJ Green when dusk falls.

Getting Here:

1 Kamphaeng Phet 3, Chatuchak, near the Mo Chit BTS. Around 6pm, you’d typically see a throng of young Thais walking through Chatuchak Park. They are most likely heading to JJ Green. It’s about a 10-minute walk away from the station.

Thursday – Sunday, 18:00-01:00

Additional Tips:

Bring adequate cash. I didn’t bring enough thinking that this was just going to be like any other yawn-inducing night markets in Bangkok. They do not accept cards here, and the nearest money changer is at the train station that you came from.

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