What to Eat in Nice, France

While in Nice, France, we didn’t have a single bad meal. Here’s a quick travel guide and review on what and where to eat while in this part of the French Riviera.

I can also call this a food diary of the restaurants we visited while in Nice, France, because I didn’t have a single bad meal here. It was also fabulous that I had a friend this time round, which meant double the amount of food to sample #finallynotalone.

If I could redo the whole trip, I think I would have wanted to try the socca and the nicoise salad. We actually did come across these dishes, but we followed whim and ordered whatever we felt like having at the time. As a holiday should. No regrets.

My favourite meals were definitely the Tuna Tartare in #2, and L’Entrecote steak, in #3.

  1. La Villa d’Este – For giant plates of pastas

Our first meal in Nice was at this restaurant. We made our way here for our first meal in Nice because this place came highly recommended. They specialize in pasta. What people failed to mention (aka warn) is that they serve giant plates of pastas.

It was good pasta, just hard to fully enjoy and savour because there is such a thing as too much pasta. And we thought we were both big eaters. We struggled to get through half our plates. I would suggest you order a plate to share between two people, but the diners at the tables surrounding ours all had a plate to themselves… so………

  1. Di piu Restorante – For Tuna Tartare

I was inclined to lump this restaurant with the one above because they both had one thing in common: gigantic plates of pasta. Both restaurants also had similar plateware, and we were wondering if they both belonged to the same franchise.

We learned our lesson, and between the two of us we ordered a plate of the funghi pasta – which was good – and the starter dish, Tuna Tartare. The Tuna Tartare ended up being one of my favourite meals in Nice. Raw tuna tossed in a zesty fresh vinaigrette and slathered with avocado – it was all my favourite things prettily-plated.

The restaurant is located close to the beach, making it the perfect lunch stop before or after an ocean dip.

  1. L’Entrecote – For the best French-style steak

This was a chance find! I’m so glad we found this place. We were looking for a restaurant to have dinner at near the port area and being a steak-lover, I knew we had to dine here.

The sign was unassuming, and the concept here is simple. There’s only one set on the menu: the L’Entrecote steak served with a special vinaigrette mustardy sauce, fries, and salad. That special sauce is not much to look at, but it was so good.

This particular outlet included a fish dish, for the non-steak-eaters. At 19 Euros per set, this meal had the most value too.

  1. Hobo Coffee – For great coffee

For a good cup of cappuccino, we love this café. The place has hipster-esque vibes and serves a good cup. We had the croissant for breakfast too, flaky and fresh.

For non-coffee drinkers, I enjoyed the Chai Tea Latte as well. We ended up frequenting this place over the two mornings we were in Nice.

  1. Chez Juliette – For authentic French food

For authentic French cuisine, try the Chez Juliette. This place prides itself as being authentically French and fresh-made. To note that your food will take a while to reach the table since they prepare food as ordered. We were still full from our heavy lunch and only had the escargot – brilliant – and the onion soup.

  1. Le Café des Chineurs – For a kitschy environment

We settled on this place because it was starting to rain and the place looked crowded. The theme in here is kitschy – if we here in the daytime I’d imagine a lot of ‘phototaking for the Instagram’ happening here.

The food was fantastic as well. I had the burger and it was massive and juicy. My friend has the canard duck dish, and it was a thumbs-up meal as well. The service here is good, and the staff charming and friendly.

We ordered the calamari tapas and it was fantastic. A lot of locals sat outdoors, and most only had tapas and drinks. We wondered if we should have just ordered plates of tapas instead of one full dish per person. Hmm.

  1. Cours Saleya Flower Market – For fuss-free fresh food 

Or you can grab some deliciously fresh produce from this farmer’s market, and eat by the beach. We grabbed a bag of plump and juicy strawberries. Pure joy.

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