What to Do in Monaco

Or more accurately, what I did in Monaco. Spoiler alert: not much. 

We arrived into Monaco from Eze Village, which I thoroughly enjoyed. To make the trip worthwhile, I highly recommend squeezing it in a daytrip, such as to Eze or Menton. We came to Monaco from Eze Village.

Getting to Monaco

Getting to Monaco from Eze was easy – we took the same bus #82 and #112, that got us from Nice to Eze. Take note of bus schedules.

From Monaco back to our base in Nice, we took the bus #100. Going back was easier as bus #100 ran frequently.

Get A Passport Chop

We were dropped off at the Monte Carlo stop. First things first! We made our way to the Tourism Office that was right near the stop to get a cool chop for the passport, and officially add another country to my bucket list.

Monte Carlo Casino

Then we made our way to the Monte Carlo Casino. The path to the casino was a stretch of luxury boutiques. We didn’t know what the casino looked like, but figured that we would know once we see it? Well. We arrived at a place where lots of people were taking photos of a building… which turned out to be the famed casino.

I think we were trying to look for a nice café to hang out in, but the only ones we came across was one right beside Monte Carlo Casino and a Starbucks… We stayed at the Starbucks half out of frustration and half because it was facing the Monaco sea. I’d rather look at the ocean than a casino hotel building… WHICH to be perfectly honest, is not that impressive. I don’t know what I expected, but I built up Monaco as this grandiose country with all their yachts, celebrities, Formula One drivers, so I think I was expecting to see something… More. Just give me one obnoxiously big luxurious thing to look at, maybe drip your supposedly famous Monte Carlo Casino in gold, something I don’t know yo I don’t pay your taxes.

Anyway, after we finished our familiar and actually satisfying Starbucks drinks, we walked on, just to give this place a redeeming chance.

Chill at the Yacht Docks

We ended up at the docks, and just stayed there. It was pretty nice to be honest. We stared at some yachts and then discussed what our dream yachts would look like. Mine involved ball pits. Fun fact: I desperately want to play in a ball pit. But not one with kids in it because apparently they’re disgusting and they get cooties everywhere.

Get Lost

Monaco is hella confusing. We wanted to make our way back to the tourism office, where we were first dropped off. The stop for the bus back to Nice was supposed to be near there.

So we followed the giant signs directing us to the tourism office… and ended up at a different tourist office. Which was closed. Yep. Monaco has TWO tourism offices. Why. And did no one think that this might be hella. Confusing. Besides the road signs, we also had Google Maps to refer to, mind you, and we still got the wrong one.

Monaco, you have to fix your signs, girl. Get. Yourself. Together.

Pharmacy Shopping

Turns out getting lost has a silver lining – we found this bomb-ass pharmacy.

Surprisingly, the pharmacies here were better than the ones in Nice. The same items were almost always cheaper, even if it’s by a few cents. Not sure if it’s the particular pharmacy we visited, but we even received a bunch of samples. Yaaas.

The pharmacy we visited and had so much love for was called Pharmacie du Soleil KAYTANDJIAN. Since I’m such a good investigator, this is the exact place.


Monaco didn’t have much going on for me personally. However, it was admittedly satisfying to be able to add another country to the bucket list. Do it for the passport chop.

I think if you enjoy casinos, you might like Monaco.

I think if you… enjoy luxury shopping at different boutiques in the same area, you might also like Monaco…?

Welp. I tried.

Just kidding. Take my bitching and moaning at face value – whatever experiences that come my way by way of travel, which is one of my biggest passions, is just another adventure. Always appreciate. Peace. 

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